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An award-winning, real time action game where players need to cooperate to get out of a cursed Mayan temple before it collapses.


Family Game of the year winner, 2013

- Brettspillguiden


Spiel des Jahres 2013: Recommendation list


UK Games Expo Best Boardgame Nominee


Origins Awards best Family game Nominee


2012 Meeple's Choice Nominee



Illusions - The first expansion to Escape. Adds two new full modules: the disappearing illusions chambers and the special gem chambers. Also, you get the first quest tile: treasure chamber, as well as new curses and treasures.





Quest - The second expansion to Escape introduces Quest chambers and Character Abilities. The Quest chambers are special missions that you need to complete, bringing a lot of variability to the game. With the character module, each player will play one of 6 characters, each with their own unique abilities that may help in your struggle to escape.



The Mammoth is dead, the hunt is over, and everyone tries to secure the largest share for themselves in this quick and tactical game of loot division.






"I love this game" 10/10

- Game designer RĂ¼diger Dorn on Board Game Geek

Every week new tourists arrive at the beautiful holiday island Samoa. The hotel owners' only care is to give these tourists the stay of their life - and of course to rid them of as much money as possible.


Best Family Strategy Nominee 2011

- Game Magazine Awards

"One of the best management games I've ever played"

- Game designer Bruno Faidutti

- Tarald Aano, Aftenbladet

A family strategy game about merchant families in the city Halden in southern Norway during the 17th century. Players run their businesses and try to adapt to the events of the period, all while helping building the fort Fredriksten.




In Scheibenkleister you try to guess which words other players will use when describing a certain word, celebrity or historical person. Or, if you are the active player, you try to explain the word in a very different way than you normally would.

"Roll to the South Pole" is the bigger brother of the two South Pole games.

A tactical dice and resource management racing game where you must plan your route and choose the right equipment if you want to be the first to reach the South Pole.

"Amundsen" is the quick and easy South Pole game, with easy-to-teach rules and a short playing time of about 20 minutes. Push your luck to become the first to reach the South Pole in this family friendly game.  

A strategic adventure game based on a Norwegian fantasy book series. Collect and manage your resources and use them for your magical powers. Develop tacical skills and collect treasures needed to fulfil the prophecies and free the lands of Aldra.